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Saturday, 5 Aban 1358 [27 October 1979]

To the Honourable Ayatollah Ghoddousi, Public Prosecutor General of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

For nearly eight months, the Baha’i community of Iran has been submitting letters and cables to various authorities and has appealed against the cruelties inflicted, in various sections, upon this largest religious minority in the country; but unfortunately, these appeals have been to no avail and have been ignored. Do Baha’is not have the right to live in this country? Are they not citizens of this pure soil? What crime have they committed to deprive them of the most basic human rights?

This community is established throughout three thousand cities and villages of this country, and each day a number of them, innocent of any fault or crime, are being harassed and oppressed on various pretexts. The members of its Assemblies, without having committed any wrong, are distraught through allegations and lame excuses; they are cast into prison, and their families are left distressed and troubled. During the past month, in Hamadan, Abadan, Shiraz and Tabriz, members of the Assemblies were attacked, and the Baha’is of those localities were stressed and tormented. Two of those members are still imprisoned in Tabriz, and above all, no matter to what authority they appeal, they do not find a listening ear, and no attention is paid either way. It is as if the Baha’is are not citizens of this land.

The Lord has revealed in the Quran: “Be just; that is next to Piety”[1]. Is it fairness and justice that they be inflicted with all hardships, and no matter how loudly they cry, no one asks what is the problem? Religion apart, human rights requires that every human being be entitled to his or her civil and natural rights. They make false and baseless allegations against [the Baha’is], and despite the repeated appeals, no one prevents them. They dismiss [the Baha’is] from their jobs, and no one asks why did you do this? They confiscate and destroy the Baha’i properties, and no amount of complaint or appeal gets anywhere.

Now, we are emphatically requesting that righteous authority to [entrust] a number of impartial individuals with a specific commission and invite the representatives of this community [to consult], and to carefully examine the conditions, to take action to [return] the confiscated properties, and to find a solution to the unendurable oppression suffered by this community, which is larger than the total of all other religious minorities in the country.

Respectfully submitted,

On behalf of the Baha’i community of Iran

Dr. Hosein Naji    

Manouher Ghaem-Maghami

Address - [redacted]


[1] Quran, 5:8 (Yusuf Ali tr.)