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With utmost respect we inform you of the following:

On 30 Mordad 1359 [21 August 1980], an armed group arrested the members of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran—who are elected for one year by the Baha’i community solely to take responsibility for the spiritual affairs of the Baha’i community and attend to the situation faced by the oppressed individuals in this community—and two of their friends, in Zafar Street, without any violations having been committed by any of them, and took them to an unknown place, which caused the Baha’i community of Iran, which comprises the largest religious minority of this country, to be saddened and alarmed.

Your Highness is fully aware that Baha’is believe in the one true God and the truth of all Divine Messengers. Prior to the establishment of the government of the Islamic Republic, they endured the pain of enmity and anger of the leaders and authorities for one hundred thirty years, and more than twenty thousand of them were sacrificed and martyred because of their belief in this Faith.

Based on their beliefs, the Baha’is altogether avoid interference in political affairs and under all conditions are obedient to the government in power. After the establishment of the government of the Islamic Republic, it was expected that with the implementation of Islamic justice, the injustices borne by this community would be alleviated. However, most regrettably, some of the authorities, contrary to the teachings and ordinances of Islam, have taken severe actions such as destruction and burning of assets and property, kidnapping, torture, imprisonment, expulsion from companies and organizations, and imposition of other injustices upon these oppressed ones, and the esteemed leaders have thus far paid no attention to the rightful, legal, and religious claim made by the Baha’i community of Iran.

Under the current conditions, life, property, and reputation of the oppressed Baha’is in the sacred country of Iran have been compromised and sadness and alarm have taken over the hearts of the people of this community. The Baha’is in other countries of the world are also very worried and concerned about the continuation of these injustices.

We hereby request your distinguished honour, who clings to the fear of God, to issue a decisive order to free the unjustly arrested above-mentioned individuals and thereby rejoice and gladden the hearts of their families and the members of this community.


From the Baha’i community of Iran

Manouchehr Hakim

Mahmoud Majzoub


P.O. Box 305, Tehran