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[Personal information has been redacted.]


[To the] Highly Respected Head of the National Guard Headquarters for Flood Victims of Khuzestan, Felestin Avenue, number 69

[To] the presence of his holiness Ayatollah Ghodoosi, the Attorney General of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

Urgent citywide telegrams to:

General Head of the National Police Headquarters

Judiciary: The Honourable Public Prosecutor of Tehran

Judiciary: The Esteemed National Attorney General

The Presence of His Holiness Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani, the National Head of the Islamic Revolutionary Committees of Iran

High Office of the Supreme Revolutionary Council of the Islamic Revolution of Iran

The presence of Holiness Hojjatol-Islam Rafsanjani, the Head of the Ministry of the Interior

Having received information, we hereby respectfully present to you that, following the previous pleadings and earlier telegrams regarding the kidnappings of Mr. Mohammad Movahhed, Dr. Alimorad Davoudi, and Mr. Rouhi Rowshani, who are members of this community [Baha’i], our efforts to date have not produced any results. 

Now, over the past few days Dr. Masih Farhangi, Badiollah Farid, Yadollah Poustchi, Nosratollah Bahrami, Said Javadi, and Mrs. Dr. Naji have been taken, too. [Some people] went to Mr. Manouher Ghaem-Maghami’s home and locked it up; they then proceeded to the residences of Mr. Yousef Ghadimi and Dr. Hosein Naji and took many books, etc.  Under these conditions the members of this community have no security and are in great anxiety and absolute distress. 

Our earnest request and fervent desire is that Your Honour will find it unacceptable for a group of trustworthy, sinless subjects of this country to become playthings of opportunist elements, and for their rights to be trampled.  Please take measures to protect us from this distress and wandering.


With high regards,

On behalf of the Community of the Baha’is of Iran,

Dr. Hosein Naji and Manouher Ghaem- Maghami