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Birjand, 7 Aban 1358 [29 October 1979]

Respected Committee of the Islamic Republic Revolution of Imam Khomeini (may God prolong his blessings) in Birjand

Esteemed Mr. Hassan Ebrahimi (may God prolong your honour)


Respectfully, in reply to your letter 169 - 5 Aban 1358 [27 October 1979] [I] would inform you that;

As you are aware, because of the persecution and injustices that have been heaped upon the Baha’is of Noferest by the local residents, such as ransacking their furniture, burning their homes, setting fire to their residential homes and orchards, looting their belongings and properties, and they have been assaulted, injured and had to flee, three (3) families have taken residence in the house under discussion, the details of which are explained in this letter. The details of these incidents have been explained extensively and at length to the Office of His esteemed Honour Ayatollah Khomeini (may his blessings endure) in Qum and to the esteemed public prosecutor general of the Islamic Revolution, and a firm order has been issued to stop this persecution. Your Highness, as per the requirements of justice, is aware of the situation, and we will not bother you further regarding this topic.

However, with regards to moving out of the house and domicile located at the (Shahid Sandarvas) Square, which was previously written about, we would inform you that this location was a Haziratu’l Quds [Baha’i Centre] for the Baha’is, which, about forty years ago—when no Omana Corporation existed—was purchased by the contributions of the Baha’is of Birjand, rich and poor, women and men, and young and old, to be used as a place of religious prayer, meditation, and devotions.  Recently, this place has been confiscated and has come under surveillance by the Revolutionary Guards, just for the sole reason that the deed [of the property] bears the name of the Omana Corporation. As Your Highness and the esteemed representatives who have been dispatched, and the supervisors of the Revolutionary Guards, have seen with their own eyes, a family has lived there for more than forty years. The husband died ten years ago and a frail and disabled old woman, who has no family in Birjand, nor any other place of refuge for living, along with three other families who have fled Noferest—as was explained above—are now living at that house. They too have no other place of refuge and, from the point of view of income and living provisions, it is unlikely that anyone more desperate, poor, and destitute than these four families could be imagined.

Therefore, we beseech Your Honour, who is a just person and is held at high esteem in this community, to see the living conditions of these four families in person, after which, this community stands ready to carry out your judgement and order, whatever they may be with greatest appreciation.

With expressions of respect from the Baha’i Community of Birjand

Mirza Kouchak Majidi - [Signature]

Ali-Akbar Vakili - [Signature]