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24 Khordad 1360 [14 June 1981]



  • The Prosecutor General, Mr. Mousavi Ardabili
  • The President
  • The Public Prosecutor General, Mr. Ghoddousi
  • Minister of Interior, Mr. Mahdavi Kani
  • The Supreme Judicial Council
  • The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly
  • The Office of Imam Khomeini
  • The Prime Minister

While the burden of trials and tribulations have been heavily descending on the shoulders of the Baha’is of Iran and increasing on a daily basis since the beginning of the Revolution, the killings and increased hardships press on their wounded hearts; tens of thousands of pleas for justice of this community have not received the least attention by the authorities. The bullets of oppression and cruelty, resulting from the unjust verdicts of the Islamic revolutionary courts of Tehran, Tabriz, Yazd, Shiraz, and now Hamadan, continue to target the chests of the innocent, meek and defenceless members of this community.

During the last three months, twelve innocent Baha’is in Shiraz and Hamadan, on three occasions, have been sent in front of firing squads with baseless and fictitious accusations, solely for their religious beliefs. Issuing verdicts based on a single accusation for diverse people with very different life-styles, jobs and social status, whose only similarity is having the same belief, is one of the wonders which is unprecedented in judicial history, and very remote and odd where serving justice is concerned. Members of the Baha’i community of Iran are extremely sorry, concerned and worried about these events, which are due to strong prejudices and create an ugly and violent image of the government of the Islamic Republic in the view of the world. We raise our suppliant hands to the Threshold of the Almighty and humbly beseech Him not to allow the blood of these innocent and meek victims, which is spilled so carelessly, to cause a flood of Divine Wrath, which would entangle the ones who were instigators of these painful events. 

The Baha’i community of Iran is asking the esteemed rulers, once again, not to allow such injustice to rule over justice and freedom by their silence, and not to allow the blood of these wronged ones to be spilled so brutally, and to issue explicit orders to protect and secure the lives, properties, reputation and rights of the members of this meek and oppressed community under the banner of justice and law.  

The Baha’i Community of Iran

Address: Post Office Box 43-124 Tehran