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[Personal information has been redacted.]




9/9/1318-[1 December 1939]


The honourable and the esteemed Cabinet, may its glory continue


With respect, I bring to your attention that I, Azizollah Pour-Shahrezaei Najafabadi, birth certificate number [redacted], and my wife, married as Baha’is in the year 1314 [1935], according to our belief. I took the deed of marriage to the Marriage Registration Office of Najafabad but they did not register it.   Immediately, I sent a copy of the deed with a separate letter to the Office of Registration of Deeds in Isfahan; I received no response. With no other choice, I sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Bureau of Statistics of Iran, imploring justice. I was not honoured with a response. Now, I have been receiving summonses every few days for the last while, asking me to go to Isfahan. Since then, they have ruined my life and kept me away from my business. I am under pressure. Now I am asking from that honourable Cabinet to save me from all these troubles, as I have done nothing wrong except being truthful and doing my religious duties. In conclusion, I offer my greatest respect.


This is a true [Statement].

Azizollah Pour-Shahrezaei


[Margin on right side of the letter-stamp of received at the Office of Prime Minister]

Number: 11658

Date: 18/9/1318-[10 December 1939]