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In the Name of God

Dated: 29 Mehr 1385 [21 October 2006]


To the Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization

With an expression of greetings and respect, this is to convey that, I, Azin Abyar, participated in the 1385 [2006] National Entrance Examination, and passed with the rank of 7217, and have been accepted in English language and literature at the University of Arak. I submitted my documents to the university officials, but because I am a member of a [religious] minority (Baha’i), my enrolment was refused by the university. I was informed that my enrolment is on suspension pending the decision of the Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization.  Therefore, I humbly request your attention and assistance regarding this matter.


With gratitude and respect,



[Handwritten notes at the bottom of the page]

(This letter, after being endorsed by Mr. Mahmoud Bastami, head of the Execution of Imam Khomaini’s Order [EIKO], has been sent to Dr. Nourbakhsh for investigation.)