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Ministry of the Interior


Number: ---

Date: 26 Ordibehesht 1323 [16 May 1944]

The original copy was registered under the number ---


The Ministry of the Interior,

Number 94

Recently, a number of Baha’is have come to Qom, two of whom are employees of the Oil Company [illegible] and one is working as an interpreter for the Allied Forces. Since the inhabitants are not happy with their presence, they have been threatened in different ways. Although the head of the police headquarters has advised them to refrain from holding meetings and engaging in propagation, they continue their activities in secret and complain. A copy of the letter from the police headquarters regarding their removal has been sent to you under document number 6 [six]. Since the City of Qom is the centre of clerical activities, maintaining their safety cannot be guaranteed. Regardless of the necessary vigilance exercised, there is the possibility of an unwarranted occurrence.

In a committee [working group] that was organized to investigate the cases of persons with bad records, the public prosecutor suggested that these individuals be moved to another area, in order to prevent any unexpected occurrences, to which the committee agreed; the official report [of that meeting] is enclosed.

Please issue permission to act according to the decision of the mentioned committee, so that those who have recently arrived will return to their own city or to whatever place the police headquarters can facilitate, and have those three, who are employees of the mentioned departments, transferred to another locality. In this way, activities of those that plan to stir up controversy and create tumult under the pretext of religion will be prevented.


Azam Rokni



[Handwritten note at the end of the letter]

Manager of the Secretariat Office: The people’s names and addresses should be recorded and sent to Tehran, attached to the receipt.


[Handwritten note at the top of the page]

The proceeding has been recorded [signature]