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Dated: 28 Bahman 1386 [17 February 2008]


In the Name of God

Honourable Judge of Branch 1 of the General Court of Justice

I respectfully inform you that I, Ataollah Movaffaghi, son of Karimollah, the complainant in case number 18/64 –78 of the General Court of Sari, whose case led to Verdict number 354 on 14 Tir 1380 [5 July 2001], have reached the final stage. Attached is a photocopy of the execution order, which is attached to my request.

The order has been executed and the lands have been handed over to me, but unfortunately, after a while, the defendants, 1- Mr. Safar Nourian, 2- Haji Abbas Layali, 3- Nour-Mohammad Aali, and 4- Ali Abaei, have again taken over the vacated land that had been given to me, based on the execution of the sentence. They have planted in those fields. In accordance with the current regulations and the law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the severest punishment has been stipulated for the mentioned individuals, due to their disrespecting and disobeying the country’s law.

I request that you order an urgent visit through the relevant checkpoint and prepare a report, so that, after the forced occupation [has ended], we can receive our several-year-old reward by preparing the petition form, according to the official expert opinion. We are extremely grateful.


Ataollah Movaffaghi



[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page:]

In the Name of God

Stamp: Sent to the local law enforcement authority, so that after attaching a photocopy of the [court judgment] and the executive order, as well as the minutes of the execution of the sentence, the plaintiff and the defendants can be investigated and the results be heard with the presence of both parties.

The Judge of the General Court of Chahardangeh


30 Bahman 1386 [19 February 2008]

[A couple of illegible stamps]