[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


11 Azar 1318 [3 December 1939]


To the respectable Members of the Cabinet of the Government of Iran,

Respectfully I bring to your perceptive attention that this humble person Asadollah Dousti-Najafabadi birth certificate number [redacted], was married on the year 1316 [1937/1938].  As I am a Baha’i the Notary Public Office did not register my marriage. I went to the Marriage Registry Office and they also told me that because you are a Baha’i we will not register your [marriage]. Therefore, I gave a copy of the marriage deed with a letter to the Marriage Registry Office of Isfahan, but I did not receive an answer. I sent another letter to the Ministry of Justice and the Head of the Bureau of Statistics, but there was no response [from them] either. Just recently I was called by the Department of Justice of Isfahan and was detained for 3 days and then released. Now again I have been summoned. What has been my crime or wrongdoing except that I am a Baha’i?  In accordance with the country’s law I reported my marriage to the relevant authorities. What have I done such that without any wrongdoing they are bothering me and causing me harm? I request that Esteemed Cabinet to consider my situation and put a stop to the harassment of this humble innocent person.


Well-wisher- Asadollah Dousti