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“In the Name of the Beneficent God”


Mr Ziaollah Motearefi

Respectable General Manager

The Agricultural, Mechanized Animal Husbandry and Agro-Industrial Company of Miyon Lubar,


The growth and development of the Nationare owing to the vast and deep efforts of those experienced managers and specialized professionals who have spent their lives and invested their knowledge as capital for the construction and flourishing of the blessed Islamic system of Iran.


We congratulate your well-deserved selection as one of the respected [citizens who has attained the national title for Client- Satisfaction, for the year 1391 [2012/2013], thanking the Beneficent God for your participation in the Client-Satisfaction Conference, where for your valuable and constructive efforts in elevating the culture of client satisfaction we have the honour of presenting you with this letter of appreciation.


We hope with the support of the knowledge and experience of the managers of this nation, we move ever closer to a bright horizon and achieve the important aim of the blooming of Islamic Iran.


Dr Jamshid Pajuvian

Council Manager, National Competition Centre.