[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]


Book number: ---



Ministry of Posts, Telegraph and Telephone


Year: 132-----


From: Rudsar

To: Tehran

Number of the receipt: 2070

Telegram number: 42

Number of words: 114

Original date: 27

Descriptions: -----

Date received: 2 Farvardin [22 March]

Name of addressee: -----


His Honour, the Governor General of Rasht,

Copy: Tehran – The National Constitutional Assembly

Copy: His Honour, the Prime Minister

Copy: Ministry of the Interior

Copy: His Honour, Dr. Millspaugh, Head of the National Finance Department

Copy: Department of Municipal Affairs

Copy: The Rudsar Municipality


A unit of a two-storey building with twelve doors, whose value in 1316 [1937] was in excess of one-hundred-twenty-thousand rials, also another four-sided attached building, together with its ancillaries, whose value in 1317 [1938] was fifty-thousand rials, have been destroyed due to their being located in the pathway of a road. So far, the [amount of their value has not been paid]. The destruction of the aforementioned buildings has crippled the lives of a family. For the peace of mind of the family, I plead with you to instruct the issuance of their payment immediately, and I will be prayerful.

Amanollah Pourjavad



Registry in the Office

Number: 24718

Date: 8 Farvardin 1317 [28 March 1938]