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In the Name of God


Honourable Human Rights Commission of the Bar Association


Respectfully, we, Amanollah and Mehrdad Bandi, father and brother of Mehran Bandi respectively, hereby submit:

On 9 Khordad 1387 [29 May 2008], the agents of the Intelligence Office in Yazd went to the house and company of Mehran Bandi. In addition to searching his house and sealing his company, called Kamand Computer Co., they arrested him. He has been kept in temporary detention for the past two months, while we have not been notified of any charges against him. Despite repeated visits and communication with the Revolutionary Court of Yazd, we have not heard a convincing answer. The judge of Branch 4 of Magistrate Court, and recently the judge of Branch 1 of the Revolutionary Court, Mr. Dehghan, always state that his case is under investigation.

On the other hand, the aforementioned [Mehran Bandi] has heart problems and recently the prison officers transferred him to the CCU in Afshar Hospital in Yazd, where he is hospitalized.

In the referrals that we made to several local lawyers in Yazd, none of them have accepted our case, so we request that esteemed Association to take any action that is within the scope of your duties and powers and guide us in this way.

With respect


Address: [redacted]

Phone [redacted]