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[Personal information has been redacted.]


25 Aban 1318 [17 November 1939]


To the Esteemed Cabinet, may its glory continue,

With my utmost respect, I bring to your attention that, I, Ali Shah-Rezaie, birth certificate number [redacted], of Najafabad,  married my wife during the year 1315 [1936/1937],  according to our beliefs, as we are both Baha’is. I took the deed to the Marriage Registration Office of Najafabad but they did not register it. Immediately, I sent a copy of the deed with explanation to the Marriage Registration Office of Isfahan, but I received no answer; therefore, I sent a letter to the Department of Justice, but they did not honour me with a response. For a while now, I have been called by the Department of Justice of Isfahan to go there, which prevents me from working and earning money, and has put a lot of pressure on me. In conclusion, I am requesting from that respected Cabinet to pay attention to my situation and relieve this humble person of this trouble.


Ali Shah-Rezaie -Najafabadi


[End of letter, stamp of receipt at the Office of the Cabinet]

Number: 10935

Date: 4 Azar 1318 [26 November 1939]