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The Judiciary

Court of Administrative Justice


Mrs. Noushin Bandi Amirabad

Your request [for adjudication] is being returned to you for the following insufficient information, marked with an X.  Once completed, you may resubmit your request for further action, should you wish to do so.

Note:  The form indicating insufficient information, i.e., this page, should be resubmitted along with the necessary documents.

***Should you feel it necessary to provide further explanation, you may do so on a separate page and submit it along with your request***

--x-- 1.  Request for adjudication using the application form provided by the Court of Administrative Justice, 2 copies. 

--x-- 2.  Related documents and enclosures, 2 copies of each.

----- 3.  If complaint is being made against more than one office, documents and enclosures must be   submitted for each office separately, plus one additional package.

----- 4.  If complaint is being made against one’s guardianship, will and testament or custodianship, a certified copy of a decision in favour of the complainant should be enclosed with the application for adjudication.

----- 5.  Power of attorney for the lawyer handling the case must be prepared in accordance with the rules and regulations of the civil procedure code of the Public and Revolutionary Courts specifying the nature of the complaint. 

Explanation:  Only lawyers or legal counsellors pertaining to Article 187 of the third plan for expansion who hold a valid licence to practice can represent their clients at the Court of Administrative Justice.

--x-- 6.  All documents and enclosures must be certified copies (by either the police, Islamic council, Office of the Attorney General, government offices, notary public branches, or a lawyer, in accordance with Article 57 of the procedure code of the Public and Revolutionary Courts for civil cases)

--x-- 7.  Complainant’s signature must be verified by authorities mentioned in point 6.

----- 8.  Reasons for the complainant’s action as a director general must be attached (attach latest newspaper ad for companies).

----- 9.  Copies of court decisions, including preliminary inquiries and/or appeals, must be enclosed.

----- 10.  Certified copies of property deeds (indicating all recent changes of ownership) related to the property in dispute must be submitted.

--x-- 11.  Subject of request is unclear and/or not legible.  Request for adjudication must be made clear and legible.

--x-- 12.  First copy of the request for adjudication requires a stamp for 50,000 rials.

--x-- 13.  The request for adjudication does not clearly indicate whom the complaint is being made against.

--x-- 14.  Each enclosure requires a 200 rial stamp.

----- 15.  All documents pertaining to employment and human resources must be attached.

----- 16.  Other instances….

Needless to say, upon receipt of incomplete documents and enclosures, the necessary action will be taken according to the law.

Secretariat Department of the Court of Administrative Justice


Tehran:  Behesht St. (south side of Park-e-Shahr) – Court of Administrative Justice, P.O. Box 11365-673


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[Illegible] Number (1)


[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

All documents pertaining to the entry exam, including verification of participation, entry exam ID card, and all related correspondence and documents, should be submitted.