[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]




28/8/1318-[20 November 1939]


The respected Cabinet, may its glory continue


Respectfully I, Abbas Pezeshki holding certificate number [redacted], issued by the Registry Office of [redacted], [got] married last year, and we went to the Marriage Registry Office of Najafabad as we had had a Baha’i marriage they did not register the deed [of marriage]. We followed the Baha’i teachings and we took the deed to the Office of Registration of Deeds, but they did not register it either, and kept the deed. Therefore, I sent a copy of the deed with a letter to the Registrar of Deeds of Isfahan, and I received no response. We sent a letter explaining the situation to the Ministry of Justice and Bureau of Statistics of Tehran; still no response. Now, the Department of Justice of Isfahan has called me several times causing me trouble and loss. They do not let me live in peace. I request that as I have committed no crimes or offences, and have and will always behave according to the teachings of my religion which [teaches me to be] truthful, honest, and be at the service and obedience to the government authorities, [that you] please order the authorities to leave me alone so that I can live in peace, attend to my business and be forever a well-wisher of the government.


This is a true [Statement].

Abbas Pezeshki-Najafabad



[At the end of the letter appears the stamp of receipt at the Office of the Cabinet]

Number: 11049

Date: 6/9/1318 [28 November 1939]