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In the Name of God, the Powerful, the Great


Date: 10 [illegible]


Dear Mr. Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the competent and capable president of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

I, Abbas-Ali Zareian Jahromi, would respectfully inform you that it is over four years since I applied for a passport in Shiraz, together with my wife, Zahra Rouhizadegan Jahromi, and my son, Fazlollah, born in 1306 [1927], for traveling to Canada and visiting our children. Unfortunately, the passport has not so far been issued and we have been told that “No answer has yet been received from Tehran, from the Office of the Prime Minister or President”. We were told verbally that, “Because, in the application form, you have truthfully written that you are a Baha’i, passports are not being issued for the Baha’is.”

But this lack of consideration by the Office of Passports of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran fails to comply with the approved principles of the Constitution of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran; [therefore,] I venture to mention a few of the discrepancies:

-Article Fourteen [of the Constitution] mentions that “the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the generality of the Muslims, have the duty to treat the non-Muslims with good morals, Islamic fairness and impartiality, and to consider their human rights”.

-Article Nineteen mentions: “The [people of the] nation of Iran, may they be from any group or tribe, are equal before law, and skin colour, race, language and the like are not points of advantage.

-Article Twenty mentions: “All the people [of Iran], whether women or men, are equally to be supported by law”.

-Article Twenty-three says: “Inquisition of beliefs is prohibited. No one, just because of having a different belief, should be subject to aggression or called to account”.

His Holiness the Messenger of God—peace upon Him— in the Holy Qur’an, at the end of the Surah Al-Kafiroon [Unbelievers] says: “For them be their religion and for Me, mine”. He says you remain with your religion and I remain with My religion. We Baha’is are the citizens of Iran, we worship God, believe in His Holiness Mohammad (peace be upon Him) as we believe in all other great Messengers. We strive to prove the sacredness of the religion of Islam.

Also, His Holiness Ali—son of Abi-Taleb—the first Imam of the Shi’as of the world, in His letter to Malek-e Ashtar, the governor of Egypt, states: “O Malek, the people of Egypt are of two types. One group is your religious brethren and the other group is your brethren in kind [kindred]. Therefore, the way you treat your religious brethren, treat your brethren in kind too.”

Now, I ask of you, Mr. President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who are an infinitely competent man and a true Muslim, is not this discrepancy in contrast with the text of the Holy Quran? Or with the instructions of His Holiness Ali to Malek Ashtar? Or Article 23 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, regarding the prohibition of the inquisition of one’s belief? Please judge with fairness.

Considering the above-mentioned submission, please have the stated office issue passports—even provisional documents—for these two elderlies, one over seventy and the other sixty years old, that after 12 years of separation, we will be able to see our children again, and thus forever be [grateful] to the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


May God increase your confirmation and success.


[Signature:] Abbas-Ali Zareian Jahromi

Address: [Redacted