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In the Name of God

13 Azar 1368 [4 December 1989]

Mr. Yahya Jafari, General Director of Pensions of Iran – Tehran

Greetings – Respectfully, in response to letter number 51457 – 9 Aban 1368 [31 October 1989], a copy of which is enclosed, the following in conveyed.

First, the judgment of the Human Resources Restructuring Committee 9 of the Oil Industry in Shiraz is not supported by any of the articles of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic. During the period of my service in the oil industry, I did not commit any administrative violation for which to be reprimanded. Therefore, it appears that this judgment is not in accordance with the justice of the Islamic Republic. Article 19 of the Constitution states, “The people of Iran have equal rights, regardless of their ethnicity and tribe.” Article 20 says, “All individuals, including men and women, are equally protected by law.” Article 29 stipulates, “Coverage by social security in terms of retirement, unemployment, aging, disability, homelessness, helplessness due to accidents and the need for health care and medical care in the form of insurance, etc., is a universal right.” I am an Iranian, too, and part of “all individuals”. I have paid my insurance premiums and it is my inalienable right to receive a pension. As such, termination of my pension is contrary to Articles 19, 20 and 29 of the Constitution.

Thank God that you are a true Muslim and are aware of the blessed chapter of Kafirun in the Quran. Even though this chapter is addressed to the idol worshippers of Qoraysh, in the final verse it says “For you is your religion, and for me is my religion [109:6].” You are aware that the word “vali” at the beginning of the chapter relates to all the verses of the chapter, in which God commands Mohammad thus: “Say, for you is your religion, and for me is my religion,” while the idol worshipper did not even believe in God. But the Baha’is believe in the one true God, and this is the only religion after Islam which presents proofs on the prophecy of His Holiness Mohammad and His successors, the pure Imams. Second, I bring your attention to a copy of the Supreme Judiciary Council’s letter number M-14879, dated 18 Mehr 1363 [10 October 1984], signed by Mr. Abolfazl Mir-Mohammadi and addressed to the director of the Department of Social Security. After reading this letter, I ask you to please do your due diligence to see if a new instruction has been issued in this regard. Please carry out a thorough investigation and respond.


Retired labour worker without salary and pension, Abbas-Ali Zareian Jahromi


Address [redacted]