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Ministry of Post, Telegraph and Telephone



From Abadeh to T [Tehran]; Receipt Number: 1023; Telegram Number: 15, Number of Words: 267, Date of Original: 2 Khordad [1323] [25 May 1944], Date of receipt: 4/3/1323 [27 May 1944]


National Consultative Assembly,


Copy to:

Mr. Prime Minister,

Ministry of the Interior,

Ministry of Justice,

Ministry of War,

Major General Jahanbani, beloved Commander of South Forces,

Public Prosecutor [illegible],

[Newspapers] Islam, Khorshid-e Iran, Ghiyam-e Iran, Ocean, Soroush,

Office of Governor General of Shiraz Province,

Ayatollah Haj Seyyed Nouroddin,

Jamiyyat-e Azadegan-e Fars


[It is[1]] impossible to expect results from the irregular actions of Colonel Amanpour, the military Commander in charge of investigations into religious matters in Abadeh, and especially of respected members of the association of residents overseeing the election, who have been, as ordered [by Colonel Amanpour] in solitary detention with no visitors allowed for two days.  No sign or evidence or documents pointing to their interference in the religious affairs have been [produced].  We are [desperately] unable and incapable to explain about situation here. The governmental departments are meant to only supervise the matter [but they do not], [please] do not ask the government offices to clarify what has occurred, until [you have been able to establish] the truth about the events and discover [whether] we poor Muslims are guilty of any crime.  We await urgent action and attention from the respected authorities.


Alhaghr Zahr-e Sharifeh [Alhaghir Zahirol-Shariyeh], Mr. Sheikh Ali-Akbar Sharif, Mohammad-Mehdi Karimi, Taghi Daneshvar, Rahim Agha Mohammad, Sadegh Imamian, Mohammad-Taghi Mirdami, Mohamad-Ismael Rezayena [Rezania], Zabihollah Kheirandish, Jalal Masoudi, Haj Hamzeh Rezania, Abdolvahab Masoudi, Gholi Mozafar, Asaad Masoudi, Ahmad Ahmadi, Gholam-Reza Rastegari, Shokrollah Askarian, Haj Aghamir Morshedzadeh, Reza-Qoli Masoudi, Akbar Nikbakht, Ali-Asghar Rezania, Karim Karami, Mirza Hasan  Jahibani,  Ahmad Aqaye [Aqaie], Hosein Nahri, Khalil Sedaghat Kish, Hasan Majhoudi, Amir-Qoli, Ismael, Abbas-Qoli Sedaghatkish, Mohammad [Kahal], Azizollah Sedaghatkish, Khalil Rezania, Amrollah Sedaghatkish, Baba Kashefi, Ali Moarefi, Gholam-Hosien Jenanian, Mohammad Norouzi, Mohammad Shahan, Reza-Qoli Chubineh, Fathollah [Khoramian], Gholam-Ali Honarvar, Gholam-Hosein [Boshmer Raie], Yadollah Rastegari



[Margin 1:] [Stamp: Tehran Telegraph Department]

[Margin 2:] [Stamp: Registered in the confidential records of the Ministry of the Interior, number: 14535, date: 13/3/1323 (3 June 1944)]

[Margin 3:] [Stamp: Ministry of the Interior, Political Office, number: 1799, date: 14/3/1323 (4 June 1944)]

[Margin 4:] Archive




[1] [This is a typical telegram and the sentences are not complete because many words have been deleted by the authors]