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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 28 Bahman 1387 (16 February 2009)


The Latest Report on the Release of Mr. Kamran Aghdasi Yekta

Latest news from Iran

Mr. Kamran Aghdasi Yekta, a resident of Hamadan, who began his one-year captivity on 19 June 2008 (30 Khordad 1387), was released on 17 January 2009 (28 Dey 1387). He was imprisoned for eight days on 31 January 2008 (11 Bahman 1386) but was later released pending his trial.

On 13 April 2008 (25 Farvardin 1387), the court sentenced him to one year in prison for “propaganda in favour of groups opposed to the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

He began his one-year captivity on 19 June 2008 (30 Khordad 1387), after his appeal had been rejected by the Court of Appeals on 11 May 2008 (22 Ordibehesht 1387). He was arrested at the same time as Mr. Pourhamzeh and Mr. Fathollah Khateb Javan.