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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 23 Bahman 1387 (11 February 2009)


Latest news about the conviction of Mr. Farhang Samadani and his wife Mrs. Elham Rowhani in Yazd

Latest news from Iran

Mr. Farhang Samadani and his wife, Mrs. Elham Rowhani, who were arrested in Yazd in 1384 [2005], appealed to the Court of Appeals on 18 Aban 1387 [8 November 2008], [as a result of] which their sentence was reduced to 91 days in prison and suspended for five years. Mr. Samadani and Mrs. Rowhani were arrested for distributing a letter from the Baha’i community addressed to the president of Iran, Mr. Khatami, dated 25 Aban 1383 [15 November 2004]. Mr. Samadani had previously been sentenced to one year in prison and Mrs. Rowhani to six months in prison.