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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture of Mazandaran Province

Agriculture Management of Sarai


Number: 21812

Date: 28 Bahman 1376 [17 February 1998]

Attachment: ----


Mr. Yousef-Ali Ahmadi, son of Mohammad-Ali,

In response to your petition, dated 18 Bahman 1376 [7 February 1998], regarding the statistics of [your] land in Margav district that was registered with number 21812 in this office, I would inform you that, according to the statistical records in the files of Margav Village, No. 7 of section 20 of Sari, the amount of one jarib [acre] and six ghafiz [366 m2] of arid land (cultivation and irrigation) has been recorded in your name.

This certificate is issued at your request and is not valid in other cases. S/ [signature]. [It] also requires a certificate from the local Islamic Council in terms of possession. %


Mohammad Reza Nattaj

Director of Department of Agriculture of Sari