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The Ministry of Health and Medical Treatment and Medical Education

University of Medical Sciences and Health Services of the Central Province

Deputy of Treatment


In the Name of God

Islamic Republic of Iran


Number: 16883 S 88/2/P

Date: 28 Tir 1388 [19 July 2009]

Enclosure: Yes


To: Respected Head of the Department of Health, City of Khomein

From: Arak University of Medical Sciences

Subject: Sending Circular

With greetings,

Respectfully, the list of the approved spectacle makers of the Ministry of Health of that city will be attached. It is requested that the mentioned announcement be posted in the hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, optometrists’ offices, the mentioned spectacle-makers, and other relevant medical centres.

Dr. Javad Farrokhi

Management of supervision and coordination of medical affairs

[Official stamp]

[Name and signature]


[Handwritten notes at the bottom of the page]

In the Name of God

Secretariat - Respected Specialist in monitoring the Department of Health, for information and correspondence with the centres

Copy - Hospital and Health Centre, for information and action

Copy - Security Office, for information and action

4 Mordad 1388 [26 July 2009]


[Official stamp with number and date]

Number: 2/8/3489/P

Date: 5 Mordad 1388 [27 July 2009]


[Stamp] Image delivered

[Stamp] Indexed

Arak - Daneshgah Street - [Address]



In the Name of God

The list of names of the spectacle makers approved by the Ministry of Health located in Khomein City is presented herewith in alphabetical order for the honourable people of that city.

Row 1

Name of Technical Manager: Laghaollah Baghaie

Name of the Spectacle Maker: Donyaye Eynak [Glasses World]

Address: [redacted]