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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]



Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Department of Labour and Social Affairs of Tehran


Date: ---

Number: ---

The Litigant Parties: --- Name and Surname --- Place of work or residence ---

Employer: ---

Labourer: ---

Workshop: ---


Final Judgement of the Council:

In consideration of the complainants that have been dismissed due to their affiliation with the perverse Baha’i sect, the Council of Settlement of Disputes, in accordance with communication number 7715, dated Khordad 1360 [May 1981], from the assistant supervisor of labour relations at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, while approving the judgment dated 1 Azar 1360 [22 November 1981], imposes on the Manufacturing Council of the Production Company of Tehran (as the employer), as indicated in Articles 24 and 33 of the Labour Law, to pay to each one of the following complainants the stipulated amounts as the delayed unpaid salaries, sustained losses and the dismissal benefits:


  1. Valiyyollah Mohammadi, 745,055.00 rial
  2. Fereidoun Moradi, 263,354.00 rial
  3. Amanatollah Mohebbi, 511,308.00 rial  
  4. Hedayatollah Banafsheh, 256,560.00 rial 
  5. Nematollah Agahzadeh, 739,432.00 rials 
  6. Badiollah Izadi, 572,810.00 rial 
  7. Samad Izadi, 630,140.00 rial 
  8. Abbas-Ali Mahmoudi, 532,684.00 rial 
  9. Zahra Moinipour, 71,868.00 rial 
  10. Mitsu Tirgar, 64,209.00 rial
  11. Soraya Fakhri, 141,819.00 rial 


The issued decree is final and enforceable.


Government Envoys

Employer Envoys

Labourer Envoys


[Signature over the official stamp]

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

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