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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Koushesh

[Date:] 20 Ordibehesht 1334 [11 May 1955]

[Issue No.:] 34


Preventing the Baha’i Activities in All the Cities

Due to public demand and the overwhelming telegrams from people in all walks of life, addressed to His Majesty the King and the government, asking for [an end to] the Baha’i activities, strict instruction has been given to prevent their activities and to maintain order and security in the cities.  

Appreciation of the Services of Mr. Falsafi, the Great Preacher, which has been issued on behalf of Ayatollah Borujirdi.

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate!

Dear Seqat-ol-Eslam, Mr. Falsafi, may your mercy be perpetual,

I would like to inform you that the precious services that you have rendered to the sacred religion of Islam and also to all the absolute religions, the Holy Quran and all the Holy Books, the country, the nation, the government and the army, as well as all the people of Iran and all the Muslims of the world, which have lifted the thick veil that a political party named the Baha’i religion had spread over its intentions and for years, and [even] over a hundred years, by their well-organized administrative system and spent an extravagant amount of money that comes from questionable sources and carried out extensive propaganda against the official religion of the country—which is naturally the cause of the national unity—and striving secretly against the monarchy and the government, and you have revealed some aspects of their identity, is the cause of  joy for this humble one, all the Muslims, and also the Twelfth Imam (pbuH).

Although the complete identity of the subject has not yet been revealed, and the statements from the pulpit do not have the power to make more discoveries, only the government’s serious actions can gradually discover the malicious networks, and save the country from their harm, as it has been and will be successful in similar situations. I believe, according to the country’s sage, this party’s harm to the nation’s independence is greater, since there is a difference between an enemy who declares its enmity and the one who pretends to be a friend. There is also a difference between an enemy who attacks a castle without having the proper equipment and the enemy who, from the inception, attacks well-prepared.

In conclusion, I would like to mention that this ominous party has influence in many affairs of the country and the government and the letters and telegrams that I receive from the cities do testify to this [fact].

Consider, for example, a group who enters the home of a poor and destitute woman, who with her five innocent children are sleeping on the floor, and kills them so tragically with spade and picks and mutilates them, and only because of the Muslims’ pressure and the knowledge of some fact, one person was executed and the rest were released. This means that this cult has a lot of influence in the government. Therefore, the most important thing in this situation would be to expel the members of this sect from the government offices, ministries and sensitive positions.

I supplicate the Exalted God to strengthen the holy religion of Islam, and the holy Ja’fari sect, and confirm a group which strives to promulgate the religion. 

15 Ramadan 1374 [16 Ordibehesht 1334] [24 April 1955]

Husayn Al-Tabatabaei

Repentance [Recantation] Letter of Mirza Ali Muhammad [The Bab]

Some clerics have demanded that the repentance letter of Mirza Ali Muhammad, which was written in the presence of the clerics of Tabriz and is kept in the safe of the National Consultative Assembly, be copied and made available to the public.

Demonstrations against the Baha’is

It is reported that demonstrations against the Baha’is have taken place in the cities of Rasht and Damghan, They have stoned their [Baha’i] premises. The law enforcement authorities have restored order.

The Site of Ḥaziratu’l-Quds [Baha’i Centre]

Further to the occupation of the Ḥaziratu’l-Quds [Baha’i Centre] on behalf of Ayatollah Borujerdi, the government and the armed forces must be appreciated for their actions. Some clerics are of the opinion that after the banning of Baha’ism, that place should be completely destroyed and no trace of it remain.