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In the Name of God


Number: 582-25

Date: 11 Dey 1361 [1 January 1983]

Enclosure: 1 page


Admissions Council’s Decision


Mrs. Kiandokht Zarghami

Student of Heating Installations at the Faculty of Mechanics of the University of Science and Technology, student number [redacted], year of enrolment: 1355 [1976/1977], Number of credits passed: -----, Final average ----- we hereby inform you that:

  1. Owing to your membership in the perverse Baha’i sect


And with reliance on:

  • Report of investigating team
  • Existing documents and evidence
  • Other evidence relied upon by Admissions Council
  • Your admission
  • Views of government departments, judiciary, and police force
  • Taking into account your repentance and regulations regarding how to deal with “individuals who are repentant”

And in accordance with Section 1 in Clause D of the Executive By-Laws concerning “Student Enrolments, Second Stage”, and “Transfers and Student Suspensions, First Stage” issued to universities by the Minister of Culture and Higher Education,

You are not granted permission to continue your studies

For a period of ………your study will be suspended and in the occasion that no evidence to be found that you have not acted contrary to your [statement of ]“regret” and “repentance” during this period, you can continue your education.


In view of the foregoing, you are permitted/not permitted to request a certificate, in accordance with the criteria set out for the granting of Associated Degrees or Bachelor Degrees to students, approved on 22 Shahrivar 1361 [13 September 1982] at the Cultural Revolution Headquarters.

In the event of any objection to this decision, you may submit an appeal by registered post to the Admissions Council with your statement of appeal, together with supporting documents and evidence, within 5 days of receipt of this letter, [together] with your precise address, to Tehran, P.O. Box 64/1514.



1. Appeals will not be considered without a correct address.

2. The Admissions Council will respond to your appeal within 25 days.



On behalf of [illegible name]

[Signature over official stamp]

Admissions Council

Iran University of Science and Technology