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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Khousheh

[Date:] 26 Khordad [15 June]

[Issue No.:] 26


I Have Nothing Else to Say

Muslim Government

Iranian Muslim works are like neither Muslims nor Iranians…

For [a] long [time] we have heard that “Babi Killing” and “Baha’i Killing” is a custom of this country, and every other day, a few people are excommunicated under some kind of excuse. And again deploying this old retrogressive tactic, and by a new allegation, problems are created for some people and rumours are spread about them....

For those who claim their devotion to Islam and religion, let me tell this story. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) loved his uncle Hamza very much, and as He heard that Hamza had been tragically killed in the path of Islam, the Prophet became very much affected and He made lawful the shedding of the blood of his uncle’s killer. One night, the killer of Hamza came to the Prophet in disguise, introduced himself and accepted the religion of Islam.

The Prophet of Islam welcomed him and forgave his guilt, yet He told him that he should visit the Prophet less often, because naturally he would be affected by seeing him, but after a couple of days, He cancelled this order and said, “Since Hamza’s killer has become Muslim, he is no different from other Muslims and whenever he is able he can visit me. Although my uncle was dear to me, Islam is dearer than my uncle.”