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[Adapted from website:] Baha’i World News Service

[Date:] 20 Aban 1388 (11 November 2009)


Isfahan: Search of the Residence of Mr. Khosrow Dehghani

Latest news from Iran:

On 17 Aban 1388 (8 November 2009), four agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided the residence of Mr. Khosrow Dehghani, a resident of Villashahr of Najafabad (Isfahan Province). One of them showed Mr. Dehghani a sheet containing this information: “Search thoroughly Mr. Khosrow Dehghani’s house and bring all the books, pamphlets and CDs with you.” When Mr. Dehghani tried to see the back of the form, he was not allowed to, but it turned out that the form was from the Ministry of Intelligence. There was no court order. The searching lasted about an hour and a half, and officers estimated that about 300 books and other items, including a laptop computer, CDs, and satellite receivers, were confiscated. At the end of the process, the officers showed Mr. Dehghani and his wife a summary of their findings and asked them to sign and fingerprint it. This is the fourth time that Mr. Dehghani’s residence has been searched since the Islamic Revolution.