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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Khorasan

[Date:] Monday, 14 Esfand 1357 – 6 Rabi’ath-Thani 1399 – 5 March 1979

[Issue No.:] 8592


Is Oppression Returning?

On the fifth page of our newspaper yesterday we published just a few of the dozen protest letters we receive at our office each day, in order to highlight two important points.

First, [it is] [the] principal responsibility [of] the press to remain “neutral” and reflect the public’s views and opinions, particularly if these views are sent to the newspaper office in writing. Secondly, it is for the authorities and leaders to clearly observe that there are still those who are concerned about the future and have objections to how some things are implemented. Nevertheless, since most letters portray a sense of fear for the future, or at best there seems to be a common skepticism among the letters received, we will dedicate a response to the common question in this article and ask whether or not “the suffocation is returning”.

The people are either Muslim or non-Muslim. If they are non-Muslim but belong to one of the divine and authorized religions, then, based on the assurances of the supreme leader, and the fundamental and explicit principles of Islam, they have a place in the society and will enjoy the necessary freedom and possibilities. These compatriots should never be fearful of the future, but must rest assured that as long as they do not teach their faith to Muslims or take any actions against the national sovereignty, they shall co-exist among the Muslims in freedom and respect…

…But, in any case, if some think that the Islamic regime will come to power but Iran will remain the same as before, and that [we] would allow the “the prostitution centres”, “gambling”, “liquor stores and liquor production”, “anti-Islamic propaganda”, “sect production centres such as Baha’ism”, “offering bribes and accepting bribes in offices”, “neglect and insults to religious beliefs”, etc…to remain free, these freedoms will not be provided and should not be demanded. . .because we know Islam is a school for “human transformation”, not “disfigurement”. 

The Islamic government is a system of governance responsible for executing the [illegible] law, based on religious punishment and principles [illegible] a group has their hands on the public treasury.  Although explanation and justification of various definitions of “liberty” [illegible] and that of the “colonial liberty”, in the sense of American, European and foreign, understanding requires more time.

However, we are hoping that in this short, brief article we have succeeded in describing the ambiguity that has fallen from the “return of oppression” in the language of colonialists or ignorant people as imaginary, erroneous and ”indiscriminate”. We need to be aware of a series of Islamic boundaries [controls].

Undoubtedly, the Islamic regime will gradually confirm the validity of our thoughts and will “certify” our “claim”…

We are simple “servant” of God and “a servant of the Islamic commandments and orders”. For this reason, ten times a day we officially, publicly and faithfully, say “Ayyaka Nabodo”, “We pray to Thee” with the intentions of proving our prayers in practice and not just "verbally” in “words”.