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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Khorasan

[Date:] Thursday, 1 Tir 1334 [23 June 1955]

[Issue No.:] 1724


In Mashhad

Transmission of Telegram From Ayatollah to Qom

According to the information provided by Ayatollahs Khorasani, Qomi and Faqih Sabzevari, telegrams were sent to Grand Ayatollah Borujerdi in Qom, expressing their assistance, support and obedience to His Holiness’s orders.

Declaration of the Anjoman-e Tablighat-e Islami [Islamic Propagation Organization]

One hundred and fifteen years ago, this dirty heresy called Babism was instigated… in the Muslim country of Iran, and due to the negligence and carelessness of the rulers of the time, their incompetent authorities and the strengthening of foreigners, it was gradually promoted and he was able to find a way to penetrate and distort the beliefs of some weak-minded, fanatical and negligent people and promote the spirit of irreligiousness, corruption of belief and every kind of disorder.

The negligence of the leaders of the nation led to [a situation in which] the followers of that political party were active in a freer environment. In a new way, calling themselves the Baha’is, they followed the claim of Seyyed Bab and expanded their heinous ideas to the point where, today, the Baha’i issue has become one of the country’s religious and political problems and has created trouble. We all heard that, in the last holy month, public actions were taken against the Baha’is, by the emphasis and approval of the supreme authority of the religion, Grand Ayatollah Mr. Borujerdi―may his blessings be perpetual―and the affirmation and support of His Excellency the King, as well as the approval of the clergy in the seminaries of Khorasan and Najaf. As a result, it was said that the Haziratu’l-Quds [the centre of the Baha’is] was occupied by the king’s army.

Since its inception, it was expected that Baha’i work in Iran would soon disappear and that Baha’is would be deprived of government jobs and other social rights, but, unfortunately, an unprecedented halt of the actions occurred which made people regretful, and that perverted sect, that was explicitly recognized as illegal and corrupt by the country’s officials, remained in the former state and the source of this procrastination has become an unsolvable mystery.

It was rumoured that, the government is interested in and took the first, to blame Baha’is. The Court and His Majesty the King expressed their desire and advice; the first and highest religious personalities demanded that the goal be achieved quickly, but it was not clear why it was paused and why it was protracted and neglected. It caused a great deal of concern in the religious circles, and it was reported that Ayatollah Borujerdi is very upset and worried and has expressed strong dissatisfaction. Due to his anger, he does not allow anyone into his presence. This has made the people, for whom the opinion of this great authority is considered as a fatwa [religious decree] and a duty, more upset and anxious, and in the Mashhad constituency, actions are being taken by the clerical community.

Of course, the respected authorities of the country know better that, at a time when the reform and anti-corruption programme has been announced by the head of state, the country, more than ever before, is in need of order and peace, and the intense concern that has arisen from this process will naturally create an unfavourable environment in public opinion that will destabilizes the possibility of further reforms by the government of the time. It is essential that the government put this fundamental and vital issue at the forefront of its reform agenda and immediately present the result of the actions in the public thoughts of the nation, so that the promises can be fulfilled, and, God forbid, the work does not deviate from its proper channel.

No. 483


Anjoman-e Tablighat-e Islami [Islamic Propagation organization] – Mashhad

To His Holiness Grand Ayatollah Borujerdi,

The sorrow of that great religious leader about the lack of progress of the holy movement that has been started against the Baha’is has caused great sadness and pain in the hearts of the believers and devotees of this holy city. We strongly urge the government to pursue this perverted sect, and are ready with determination to render any sacrifice.

No. 479

Fighters of Islam


Mr. Alaa, the Prime Minister of Iran - Tehran

Copy by Mr. Seyyed Ahmad Safaei [representative of] the National Consultative Assembly: What is inferred is that, contrary to the law, the prosecution and punishment of the members of the perverted Baha’i sect is being neglected. The Muslims of the world, particularly the devotees and sacrificial believers in Khorasan, are eager and impatient to observe the results of the holy movement that has been spearheaded by the esteemed and unique religious leader, Ayatollah Borujerdi.

No. 484

Fighters of Islam