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[Adapted from website:] Khodnevis

[Date:] 29 Aban 1392 [20 November 2013]


Baha’is of Semnan a Ladder of Progress for a Young Judge!

[By:] Aria Haghgou

Semnan is reported to have resorted to new methods of harassing and persecuting Baha’is since arresting a number of Baha’is and sealing a number of other businesses.

It is reported that recently, the city’s intelligence agents went to the homes of Baha’is who were subject to serve in the public military service and, in addition to conducting thorough searches and confiscating books and computers, arrested the young men on the pretext [that they were avoiding] service, and handed them over to the police!

Of course, at the end of the eight-year war [with Iraq], the law on serving in the public military service was repealed. In practice, in the Iranian legal system, refusing to perform public military service does not warrant criminal execution, and the police are forced to release these young people by obtaining a letter of undertaking. It is clear that the purpose of these actions is merely to persecute and intimidate the Baha’is of Semnan.

It is not bad to get acquainted with the originator of this new method of persecution of Baha’is. This person is none other than Mr. Zamani, the young judge of Semnan.

This person, during the time of the previous prosecutor of Semnan (Farhad Shahriari-Far), acted as a supervising assistant prison officer. As a result of his good service to the Semnan Intelligence Office and the implementation of the personal goals of the anti-Baha’i Friday payer leader of the city (Hojatoleslam Shah-Cheraghi) [Mr. Zamani] was promoted to deputy prosecutor and head of the Semnan Revolutionary Court, and now, instead of the city prosecutor (Haydar Asiabi), he is the direct executor of the orders of the Semnan Intelligence Office to put pressure on the Baha’is. This is the same person who opposed the granting of any leave to Baha’i women who are in Semnan prison with their infants, and as a prison supervisor, he was in charge of implementing the orders of the Intelligence Service and the Friday prayer leader of Semnan to put pressure on Baha’is in the city prison.

Thanks to these services, he was promoted overnight in the judiciary and has reached the position of deputy prosecutor of Semnan. Due to his closeness to the security institutions, this judge has gained so much power that even the Semnan prosecutor cannot interfere in his decisions.

In an interview with Masih Alinejad, a member of one of the families of arrested Baha’i women in Semnan, he said, “The new prosecutor in Semnan, Mr. Haydar Asiabi, will not see the families at all, and in one or two cases where the families managed to meet him in person, he has explicitly stated, “It is not in our hands and we cannot give you more possibilities.Unfortunately, with regard to leave for the prisoners, they do not pay any attention to the fact that three of their children are in prison with their innocent mothers: Barman Ehsani, Rasam Tebyanian and Sorena Ghorbani.”

In his latest activity, in violation of the laws and regulations of the Islamic Republic, Mr. Zamani has signed, issued and provided to the agents of the Semnan Intelligence Office, arrest warrants for the Baha’i youth subject to service, and search warrants for their homes!!!

Now we have to remind this young and ambitious, fame-seeking judge that, the Prophet of Islam said, [Arabic verse][1]

Dear Mr. Zamani, it is true that you are rapidly advancing in the judiciary of the Islamic Republic by signing the Baha’i youths’ detention orders and persistently opposing the reduction of the pressure on prisoners, but be aware that this ladder is doomed to fall, and undoubtedly cruelty and misery await those who, in the seat of judgment, instead of implementing justice, think only of their own material  and worldly affairs.

Dear compatriot, Mr. Zamani, Baha’is are your countrymen, and just like you, they are human beings and not dry sticks serving to build your ladder of progress!



[1] [The original text is as follows: “‎انَّ مجلِسَ القَضاءِ مجلِسٌ لا یَجلِسُهُ النَبی اَو الوَصی اَو الشَقی”]