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[Newspaper:] Khandaniha

[Date:] 11 Shahrivar 1334 [3 September 1955]

[Issue No.:] 99


Rumours of the Complaint of the Baha’is to the League of Nations

In the circles close to the League of Nations, rumours have circulated that Baha’is living in the United States have recently filed a complaint with the League of Nations regarding the recent pressures against the Baha’i sect in Iran, and they are seeking the help of some members of the League to present this complaint to one of the social and legal committees of the organization.

The accuracy of this rumour is not fully clear, but with the recent approach taken by the Iranian government on this issue, it seems unlikely that the grievances of the Baha’is will bring any results.

(Tribune De Nation) [La tribune des nations]