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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Khabar-e Jonoob

[Date:] Saturday, 14 Khordad 1362 [ 4 June 1983]


Hojatoleslam Haeri, the Friday imam of Shiraz, referring to the betrayals of the Tudeh Party and the perverted Baha’i sect in yesterday’s prayer sermons, said, “The espionage and activities for the foreigners under the guise of the Party … cannot be accepted and tolerated by this nation.”

The Friday prayers of yesterday, under the leadership of Hojatoleslam Haeri Shirazi, and with the participation of different segments of the population ... was held at the meeting place of the lovers of Allah at (Vakil Mosque), the bazaar and the surrounding streets in Shiraz. …

The Friday prayer leader of Shiraz added, “What imam [Khomeini] said with regards to Baha’is [such as] the Westernization and attitude of this group towards …. espionage and taking action for foreigners, under the cover of a religious group … cannot be acceptable and tolerated by this nation.”

About the betrayals of the perverted Baha’i sect, the Friday imam said, “We have several thousand Baha’is and if each of them wants to do such services for foreigners what would be our sufferings in total? We should know that our country has invested in these issues for 500-600 years. They have formed families, they have formed tribes and they have formed groups, to strengthen the foundations of their power by it, and you should pay attention that … this imam [Khomeini] is the deputy of that Imam of the Time … that when he decides he can uproot and fell the greatest and strongest tree … This imam … put his hand on these deviant groups, who worked as a very active evil lineage and he eradicated them too …”