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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper] Kayhan for overseas subscribers

[Date:] Wednesday 19 Aban 1372- 10 November 1993

[Number:] 1056

Page: 24


Tehran, Kayhan News Service, 15 Aban, 6 November

In its 66th issue, “Kar” Newspaper of the leftist Fadaiyyan party, repeating the rumors of the western media, claimed that the Iranian government intends to change the Baha’i cemetery in Khavaran into a cultural center. 

“Kar” wrote: What is taken from the bits and pieces of news in the media and foreign reports is that the Islamic regime intends to fully demolish the Khavaran cemetery.

This publication, either intentionally or unintentionally, tries to link the change of use of the former Baha’i cemetery, called “Javid” to a “cultural center and green space” to a new cemetery for this sect and writes:

“Recently, in response to the objection of foreign governments, the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s spokesman admitted to the demolition of the Baha’i cemetery and an abandoned Muslim cemetery.”

These changes took place because the former Baha’i cemetery was now in the vicinity of residential areas and out of concern for public health and through a plan by the municipality an alternative location for the Khavaran cemetery was allocated and the [original cemetery], is being [demolished and] replaced with a cultural center.

Replacing such properties with cultural, health, and recreational facilities has been done in many instances, even in the case of Muslim cemeteries.

In an interview with Kayhan last Shahrivar, the executive director of Behesht-e Zahra emphasized that in all instances involving change of use, a replacement has also been made; and in this case, a parcel of land of 25 thousand square meters with green spaces has been assigned to this sect.