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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 1 Azar 1388 [22 November 2009]


(Special News)

The Resolution Revealed That the Hands of Wahhabis and Baha’is Are in the Same Bowl

The resolution proposed by the government of Canada against the Islamic Republic of Iran was approved by 74 votes in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly. Despite widespread pressure, 107 countries (48 opposed and 59 abstaining) refused to vote on the resolution.

In this resolution, as in previous years, Iran is accused of human rights violations. The founders of the resolution have publicly supported some terrorists and murderers whose hands are stained with the blood of tens of innocent citizens, and who have been sentenced to death. Terrorist movements and organizations against the Islamic Republic are typically supported by U.S. and British spies and some allied governments that have voted in favour of the resolution.

The resolution supports the Baha’i colonial party and some of its arrested spies, and also claims that the rights of minorities and ethnicities in Iran are being violated. Governments behind the resolution have also supported rioters who have been involved in and arrested for various subversive activities.

Among the names of countries voting for the resolution is the criminal Saudi regime, which is currently committing genocide in Yemen with the green light of the United States. The Saudi government is the only Islamic country that has voted in favour of the resolution. Of course, this view is understandable given that the Wahhabi sect, like Baha’ism, is a made by British colonialism, and the Saudi regime, on behalf of the United States and Britain, is cracking down on human rights in the cradle of Islam (including the election closure).