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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 5 Shahrivar 1385 [27 August 2006]


Evolution of Iran’s Nuclear Energy Strategy (Daily Note)

The Outstanding Records of a Master (Special news)

A professor who was tried and convicted in the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal in 1370 [1991/1992] for having links with the Baha’i Association and was expelled from a university in Isfahan for acts of indecency and the use of drugs, has now officially been employed at a university in one of the provinces. He had previously been involved in government transactions as a government employee and had been convicted.

This so-called professor, from the seventies—that is, from the period of the ruling party—began his hypocritical growth at the university, and flourished during the period of the reformists, until he was officially employed by the efforts of one of the second of Khordad deans of the university. His academic credentials had been twice rejected in the specialized committee of one of the academic disciplines in the Tehran Office of Monitoring and Evaluation, and he is well known for committing moral corruption.

Interestingly, this person, despite having a clear record of misconduct and affiliation with Baha’ism, still holds important positions and ranks, including membership in the university  scientific board, dean of the faculty  and group leadership at the university and intends to provide a suitable ground for the spread of the Baha’i-affiliated culture and behaviour by launching a non-profit higher education institution in Yazd.