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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Tuesday 2 Tir 1360, 20 Sha’ban 1401, [23 June 1981]

[Issue No:] 11315

[Page:] 2


Three Agents of Zionism and Six Armed Assailants of the Recent Events Were Executed

At 21:00 last night, at the order of the Central Islamic Revolutionary Court, six agents and culprits of the crimes of 30 Khordad [1360] [20 June 1981], together with three spy agents of Zionism, were executed in the courtyard of the Evin Prison. The text of the report of the Central Islamic Republic Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office is as follows:

In the Name of God, the Avenger, the Prevailing

Fight then against them till strife be at an end, and the religion be all of it God's. … (Enfal 38)[1]

… Meanwhile, three devoted agents of the decadent satanic regime [of Pahlavi] were also tried at the Central Islamic Revolutionary Court, and a decision according to law and Shari law was entered for them. Those accused who were [executed] were the following:

  1. Farhang Mavaddat, son of Fazlollah, [who] was convicted as an active and effective collaborator in the publication and distribution of seductive and exciting magazines and pamphlets against the Islamic Republic after the victory of the Revolution; feeding cash to the Zionist Nawnahalan Company, which, according to the declarations of the culprit, was the source of the cash feeding of the Zionist “House of Justice” in Haifa, Israel; material, economic and mental collaboration with Zionist agent Hojabr Yazdani; effective association with the Zionist “National Assembly” against the Islamic Republic, and taking operative actions to overthrow this Revolution; being deeply involved in the training and teaching of youth and junior youth in the City of Karaj, to seduce and lead them astray; having allegiance with the heads of the plundering regime [of Pahlavi]; procuring illegal wealth and factory shares and banks, as the declarant himself has confessed. By the order of the Revolutionary Court he was found guilty, identified as an evident example of spreading corruption on earth, and was condemned to execution. 
  2. Hashem Farnoush, son of Ataollah, [who] was convicted of collaborating with Dr. Riazollah Qadimi, collaborator of the hellish SAVAK[2] by medically checking the militants and mercilessly murdering them; associating with the organization of the CIA, and as a hostile infidel, assisted in sending the trained individuals to Israel with the intention of [being trained and] acting against Islam and Islamic nations; and forwarding spy agents disguised as pioneers through the Pioneering Committee, functioning under the direction of Farnoush and through the Samandari agency, with the approval of the Zionist organization of the Israeli “House of Justice”. Such an act was performed time and again, attempting to strengthen the annihilated shah, collecting contributions for occupying Israel in war with Muslims, assisting to build the Zionist Seat of the House of Justice by collecting a significant amount of money, with the support of Hojabr Yazdani, Parviz Sabeti, and runaway Zionist Dr. Abdol-Karim Ayadi, who was the personal physician of the defeated Shah, and Dr. Shapur Rasekh, head of the Planning and Budget Organization, and using their resources effectively for overthrowing the regime of the Islamic Republic, reproducing and diffusing the journals of “Tabl-e Sahar” and “Hal va Ayndeh Jahan” to mislead the youth and promote profanity and heterodoxy. [His] guilt became clear, according to the clear and explicit confession of the accused, during the investigation period and in person in court, evidenced by normal investigations, and [he] was identified as an evident example of spreading corruption on earth and condemned to execution.
  3. Bozorg Alavian (Seyyed Agha-Bozorg) son of Ali-Muhammad, [who was] a very active and effective member of the Zionist organizations in Iran, having close and constant relationship with Borah Kavelin, the American Zionist, one of the outstanding members of the nine members of the House of Justice of Haifa in Israel; was organizer and manager of the institutions and secret Zionist meetings of Baha’is all over Tehran and its surroundings areas, as well as the northern cities of the country; and through distribution of journals and writing false and deceitful articles under the heading “Newsletter”, spreading alluring lies, providing significant financial assistance— from illegally accumulated significant wealth— to agents connected to the former regime, foreign agents, fugitives, and Zionist and imperialistic governments, which fight against and intend to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran; and [in plotting] its overthrow was very effective and active and was an agent of the previous corrupt regime.  Therefore, the Revolutionary Court, after looking attentively into the present evidence and the confessions of the accused during the investigation and during the court hearing, ascertained his guilt, identified him as an evident example of spreading corruption on earth and condemned him to execution.

The judgments by the Central Revolutionary Court of the Islamic Republic regarding the above mentioned individuals, were carried out at 21:00 hours of Monday, first of Tir [1360] [22 June 1981] in the courtyard of the Evin Prison.




[1] [Quran: 8:39]

[2] [Acronym: “National Intelligence and Information Agency”, The intelligence agency in the Pahlavi regime]