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[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 31 Mordad 1395 [21 August 2016]


Baha’i actress praises a corrupt Babi woman (Artistic and Literary News)

According to the Kayhan reporter, “Shabnam T.”, the Baha’i actress, who, in the eighties [2000-2010], came to fame in Iran through her television serial, has recently produced a film in praise of Qurratul-Ain, one of the Babi leaders and a well-known, so-called “holy personage” of the Baha’is.

In an interview, while confessing to being a Baha’i, she claimed her impartiality in the production of her documentary. This is where the title of her film speaks for itself of the director’s favouritism toward the main role-player of the literary work.

The documentary of Qurratul-Ain was prepared outside of Iran with the participation of Abbas Amanat, member of the Board of the Encyclopaedia Iranica, and it has been quite welcomed by the Persian language media—the Zemane Radio—the homosexual espionage service of the Netherlands.

Fatemeh Zarrin-Taj Baraghani Qazvini, known as Qurratu’l-Ain, after becoming Shaykhi and later through the Bab’s colonial revolt, spoke of the end of the Islamic order, and after removing her veil she openly talked against Islam and approved the armed uprising.

In 1268 A.H. [1852], due to being a participant in the killing of her uncle, Mohammad-Taqi Baraghani, or “the Third Martyr”, she was executed in Tehran.

“Shabnam T.” is the ex-wife of one of the actors of cinema and television.