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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Tuesday, 20 Khordad 1359 [10 June 1980] 26 Rajab 1400

[Issue No:] 11017

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As Per Revolutionary Court Judgement 16 People Were Executed

The 16 people were executed today at dawn by the Revolutionary Court and special court in charge of narcotics, at the Evin and Qasr Prisons of Tehran. This morning, the bodies of the executed ones were delivered to the Department of Forensic Medicine…

… Press Release of Public Relations Department of the National Public Prosecutor’s Office

This following statement, explaining the reason for the executions, was issued by the National Public Prosecutor’s Office, further to the execution of six of the convicts by the Central Revolutionary Court:

The Central Islamic Revolutionary Court, which is responsible for avenging the blood of the martyrs, condemned six people [for being] mofsed-e fel arz [corruptors on earth]…

6 - Yousef Sobhani, son of Ali, general manager of the Zamzam Company, was accused as the murderer of one of the combatants in the 15 Khordad 1342 [5 June 1963], collaboration with the Sabet Pasal brothers, Hojabr Yazdani, close cooperation with SAVAK and Army Headquarters; also a supporter of Zionism…