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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 28 Tir 1368 [19 July 1989]

[Issue No.:] 13664


The Interview of the Director General of International Relations of the Ministry of Labour with Reporters: The Outcomes of Iran’s Participation in the Seventy-Sixth Meeting of the International Labour Organization Was Explained.

Economic Service

The outcome of Iran’s participation in the seventy-sixth meeting of the International Labour Organization [ILO] in Geneva was explained by the director general of international relations of the Ministry of Labour to the mass media journalists.

According to Kayhan’s economics journalist, Hasan Tizmaghz said in this interview, while explaining the efforts of the Iranian delegation that attended this meeting: “Despite America’s political agreements and payment of 25% of the membership fee to this organization, for the first time, through Iran’s intervention, and the collaboration of the Islamic countries, the non-aligned nations and the Latin American countries, America and its allies tasted the bitterness of loss.

He also mentioned that, despite the extensive support of America, Israel and the United Kingdom, the Iranian delegation had succeeded in attracting the attention of all the representatives from the Islamic countries to the apostasy of the perverse Baha’i sect and prevented it from becoming a member of this organization.

The director general of international relations of the Ministry of Labour, in continuation of the interview, reminded [us] that, for the first time, Iran was not [being] condemned for its labour conditions.