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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan Havaei

[Date:] Wednesday, 21 Azar 1369 - 12 December 1990

[Issue No.:] 909

[Page:] 5


By Presentation of a New Draft to the United Nations, the Western Countries Rectified Their Previous Assertions on Iran’s Violation of Human Rights

United Nations - IRNA - 14 Azar 1369 [5 December 1990]

The United Nations approved the draft resolution on the condition of human rights in Iran.

This draft, which is being prepared by the Third Committee of the General Assembly, which monitors cultural, social and human rights issues, was approved without its being put to a vote.

This draft resolution, while welcoming the two trips of the special rapporteur of the UN Commission on Human Rights to Iran in 1369 [1990] and Iran’s cooperation with him—which has provided some worthy news about the situation of human rights in Iran—has clarified and removed a number of claims regarding Iran’s human rights situation and has asked Iran to intensify its efforts to improve the situation of human rights in Iran, which has been pointed out in the reports of the special rapporteur…

…Galindo Pohl, in his recent report about the Baha’is, while pointing out the improvement of their condition, has stated that no other Baha’is have been executed during his investigations and the number of their prisoners has been reduced from 13 to 9.

It is noteworthy that Iran had previously announced that it had executed no Baha’i for the crime of believing in this perverse sect; that those who were executed were all spying for the occupying Quds regime.

In this proposed resolution, decision making about the human rights situation in Iran has been postponed to the next [meeting of the] General Assembly of the United Nations. The annual meeting of the Commission on Human Rights will be held in the next three months in Geneva …

…In the draft of the previous resolution, the Western countries had expressed their worries about the number of executions in Iran, with the claim that some of the witnesses, because of the fear of retaliation, had refrained from contacting the Commission on Human Rights; yet in the new draft such claims have been totally removed.

Also, in the previous resolution, the Iranian government had been asked to provide permission to the special rapporteur to meet with all the prisoners he wished to, as well as to find effective measures for guaranteeing the same equal social and political rights for the Baha’is as for other people of Iran; these two items have also been removed from the new draft.