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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Tuesday, 11 Dey 1380 [1 January 2002] - 17 Shawwal 1422

[Issue No.:] 17275

[Page:] 14


The International Assembly of Islamic Jurisprudence Considered:

Accusing Baha’ism of Heresy [blasphemy] and Need for Islamic Assemblies to Take a Stand against This Sect.

The thirteenth International Assembly on Islamic Jurisprudence in Kuwait ended its deliberations by issuing a resolution.

As our correspondent reported, Ayatollah Taskhiri, while announcing yesterday the above mentioned news regarding the active participation of Iran in this Assembly, said, “We delivered seven essays to the Assembly and the most pressing issues of the Assembly were about the question of Palestine and human rights.

By pointing out the importance of this Assembly, in which jurists from eight important sects of Islam, from 57 countries of the world were present, he said, “In this Assembly, so far, 130 important judicial and conceptual decisions have been taken which were welcomed by the Islamic countries, such as anathematizing Baha’ism and the need for Islamic Assemblies to take a stand against this sect.”

About the final resolution of this Assembly, the president of the Assembly to unite the Islamic sects said, “In this resolution, matters of liberating all of the Palestinian territories from the claws of Zionism, the comprehensive support of the Palestinian Intifada, and establishing a special central office of human rights were emphasised.

At the end, he added that the next session of this gathering would be held in the Islamic Republic of Iran.