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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] 19 Tir 1335 [10 July 1956]

[Issue No.:] 3917


The Final Verdict of the Supreme Criminal Court About 44 Defendants of Hormozak Village of Yazd

Twenty-three defendants were acquitted and the remaining 21 were convicted

Three of the convicts were sentenced to four years each; eight of them were sentenced to three years each, and six of them were each sentenced to two years of solitary confinement.

Yesterday evening, 27 defendants were released from the prison.

As we reported yesterday, Branch 1 of the Supreme Criminal Court of Tehran, presided over by Abdol Ali Nematollahi, entered its session yesterday morning at 10:00 after the trial of 44 defendants of the Village of Hormozak of Yazd. The court entered into consultation for eight and a half hours, and at about 6:30 in the afternoon, the session came to its conclusion.

The consultants of the court were: Morteza Tabibi, Hasan Kiaie, Yahya Rahbari and Mehdi Forough, [and] Mr. Tahami, the representative of the magistrates of Provinces One and Two.

After the court entered into session, Mr. Azam, the secretary of the court, announced the verdict of the court. According to the decision of the court, 23 of the defendants were acquitted, and from the remaining 21, three received four years’ imprisonment each, eight individuals received three years, and six convicts were condemned to two years of solitary confinement, two of them to one year and one of them to one month’s imprisonment. Because all the defendants in this [murder trial] had been imprisoned for about a year, yesterday evening, after the court verdict was issued, 27 individuals were released and 15 others were imprisoned.