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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Wednesday, 26 Bahman 1362 [15 February 1984], 13 Jumada I-Ula 1404

[Issue No.:] 12090

[Page:] 19


All the confiscated manuscripts and printed books should be delivered to the Central Library of the University within three days.

Allameh Tabatabaei’s Library Establishment Plan

Regarding this plan, Haerizadeh, on behalf of the Special Committee, presented some explanations and said, “This plan was discussed by exchanging views during the successive meetings and was approved through a single Article and six Notes.”

The single Article: The books that, [as directed by] the Sharia judge, have been collected or are currently being collected from individuals religiously and legally, organizations, societies and disruptive organizations, according to the ratified decision number 1462 of the meeting dated 26 Farvardin 1359 [15 April 1980] of the Revolutionary Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran, [are to]be left at the disposal of the Central Library of the University (under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education), in order to create a research centre for the general public…

Note 6: All the perverse books and documents related to the perverse colonial Baha’ist sect will be delivered to the Documentation Centre, affiliated with the Ministry of Islamic Guidance.

Sadeq Khalkhali, objecting to the plan, said, “This matter will cost the government tremendously. Presently we have significantly important and great libraries, such as the Library of Astan-e Quds-e Razavi, the Library of the Greatest Mosque and the Library of Islamic Constitutional Assembly. If you want to get a new place, take into consideration the club of the Military Officers. Since we need a budget, these are all extra costs and do not fit within our budget and the condition of our country, and I am against it.