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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Thursday, 2 Mordad 1359 [24 July 1980] - 11 Ramadan 1400

[Issue No.:] 11053


97 individuals were purged from the Ministry of Oil

The Commission for Purging and Purification of the Ministry of Oil, after investigation into cases of a number of former regime affiliates at the Ministry of Oil, dismissed 76 people who were accused of collaboration with the defunct SAVAK organization, and 21 people accused of being anti-revolutionary and [displaying a] lack of efficiency.

Eight Individuals Were Dismissed From the Tobacco Company

On behalf of the Commission for Purging and Purification of the Iranian Tobacco Company, eight other individuals, from amongst the second series of those whose cases were under review for purging, were dismissed. Six of these eight individuals, by the names of Danian Ghahremanian, Abbas Akhavan-Sadeghi, Abbas Nawzad-Seddiq, Mohammad-Karim Fahim, Rashid Ghaffari, and Gholam-Hosein Farjad-Bastani, were dismissed due to collaboration with the defunct SAVAK organization.

The other two individuals were permanently dismissed from government employment and redeemed.  [They were] Mrs. Flora Mir-Fakhraei, who, due to repeated absenteeism and leave of absence was considered as surplus, and Mrs. Victoreh Golshan, dismissed owing to the illegality of her employment.