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[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Tuesday, 7 Bahman 1354 – 27 January 1976

[Issue No.:] 9773

[Page:] 14


The debate about Amir Kabir continues

Amir Kabir had no weapon other than purity and capability

The undertakings and reforms of Amir Kabir during a time when Iran was under the threat of being divided, mutiny, and foreign control are akin to a miracle. . .

. . . Upheaval of the Bab

Seyyed Ali-Mohammad, the elder son of Mirza Reza Bazzaz, who was one of the pupils of Seyyed Kazem Rashti, claimed to be the Bab. He said, “I am the gate to the effulgence of the Imam-e Zaman [Imam of the Time].” After a while, he said, “I am the Imam-e Zaman himself, whose advent you have been awaiting for a thousand years.” After he said that he was the Imam himself, he also claimed to be a special Messenger. Some people followed him and he started an upheaval.

Mahmoud Mahmoud, in his peerless book, writes about this topic (I will not enter into assertions and thoughts of the people with these claims. However, I am surprised that all of these people have shown up in the southern part of the country. A hint suffices the wise.