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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Monday 22 Mehr 1364 – 28 Muharram 1406 – 14 October 1985

[Issue No.:] 12569

[Page:] 23


At the request of the Tehran Public Inspector, and [by] Order of the Supreme Court

A one million square metre property in the south of Tehran was confiscated from its previous owner and handed over to the municipality.

In order to establish a park for public use, a property of approximately one million square metres (known as Naimi Garden) in the south of Tehran was taken back from its plundering Taghuti [ascribed to idol that is the symbol of tyranny, symbolically referring to the Pahlavi king as a tyrant] owner and given to Region 18 of the Municipality of Tehran. While reporting this news, the Justice Ministry Public Relations announced that at the request of the Public Prosecutor of Tehran, and by the order of Ayatollah Musavi Ardebili, head of the Supreme Court, the above-mentioned property had been taken back from a person by the name of Abdol-Hosein Naimi, who has multiple accusations [against him].

It is also mentioned in this report that this property, of approximately one million square metres, consisted of around twenty thousand square metres of orchard, and forty-eight hectares of farmland, with three wells and one well-equipped building. It was illegally sub-divided into [2,500] lots by one of the daughters of the above-mentioned, with the help of a notary public and a few real estate salesmen and brokers, and sold. As soon as this news was reported, the public investigator of Tehran, the esteemed head of the Supreme Court, issued the necessary orders to confiscate the land, and to arrest the brokers and salesmen as well as the guilty notary public, and to return the money taken from people.

This file has been investigated in the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Justice and [the property] confiscated to the benefit of the Foundation for the Needy (Mostazafin). Upon the declaration of the need of Region 18 of the Municipality of Tehran, through the Central Municipality, the above-mentioned property was given to the Municipality of Region 18 for establishment of a park, so that, through the blessings of the glorious Islamic Revolution, it will be used by the people who did not spare their lives or belongings towards its [the Revolution] establishment and protection, and were always witness to the cruelty and oppression of the regime of Taghut and the revelry of those affiliated with it.       


Charges against the owner of the property are as follows:


1-Being a member and promoter of the perverse Baha’i sect.

2-Affiliation with the regime of Taghut.

3-Secretary of the British embassy.

4-Father-in-law of Major General Parviz Khosravani, commander of the gendarmerie during the Taghut era.

5-In charge of attracting force to Baha’ism.

6-Recipient of Taj Medal from the wretched Pahlavi Court.

7-Exporter of $79 million from the country.