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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan

[Date:] Wednesday, 4 Bahman 1374 – 3 Ramadan 1416 – 24 January 1996

[Issue No.:] 15555

[Page:] 14


Encyclopaedia Iranica in Service to Dominance Culture 3 [Part 3]

Evidences for America’s Support of “Iranica”

[By:] Mostafa Roozbehani

… Segments of Yarshater’s talk regarding his reason for the compilation and production of the encyclopaedia, are clear proofs of achieving strategic and macro-cultural goals, which provide impositions of “accepted culture of the imperial family” through spreading confusion and propaganda. We leave discussion about the subject that using these tools can have the opposite of the desired results, to the continuous cultural activities to confront these attacks; hoping for the true defenders of the Islamic and national culture of Iran to take effective and solid steps in this regard, we concentrate on issues propounded by Ehsan Yarshater:

“I founded an encyclopaedia that provides the latest information about Iran in a systematic, documented, and credible manner, with their references, so that no subject about Iran and Persian-speaking nations from the oldest period to the present would be missing. Whether it be the fire-worshiping ceremonies of the Zoroastrians, or the burial traditions of the Shiites, or the Holy Places of the Jews, or administrative principles of the Bahá’ís, or the Armenian schools, or the jobs of the Assyrians …”

Insidious camouflaging of the invented sect by the Russians and British [Baha’ism] among the official religions and religious minorities, with the purpose of gaining religious acceptance for it, in the above paragraph, clearly uncovers the intention of the producers of this encyclopaedia. 

With the same intention, he also writes in the attached article, which was printed and promoted in Rah-Avard magazine by Daryoush Ashouri [Issue No.: 22, Winter 1367 [1989]: “Iran is also the homeland of religions and religious founders, and a few of the famous religious founders of the world such as Zoroaster, Mani, the Bab and Baha have risen from this territory …”

His endeavour in the permutation and forging of religions, is an obvious matter and we know Yarshater is himself a Baha’i. In the third volume of the book, “Freemasonry and Iran”, written by Esmail Raien, his membership in the Mehr Lodge is confirmed.