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[Adapted from website:] Kayhan Newspaper

[Date:] 18 Mordad 1393 [9 August 2014]


You Are Not Iran!

Massoud Yeganeh

Following the announcement of the death of Houshang Seyhoun, an active member of the Rotary Club, some local publications, with the support of foreign media such as the BBC Persian, Voice of America, etc., and in continuation of the project of highlighting personalities opposed to the Islamic Revolution, dedicated their cultural and artistic pages to praising and glorifying this Baha’i architect, an active element of the Pahlavi court in the cultural arena. What follows is part of the research of the Kayhan Institute’s office in exposing the real face and black record of this disgraced element.

Houshang Seyhoun’s black record and extensive connections with the Pahlavi dynasty demanded that this Baha’i element be included in the list of the projects for perverting and distorting history. Media opposed to the Iranian nation, such as the BBC Persian and the Voice of America, began to operate, and the documentary “Khat dar Khial [Line in Imagination]” was made by the BBC Persian with the aim of restoring the reputation of Houshang Seyhoun. Houshang Seyhoun appeared on VOA under various pretexts. But this was not enough and a ceremony honouring him was held in the United States and in the United Arab Emirates.

The culmination of the dramatization of this Baha’i element and the portrayal of anti-Islamism by the opposition current during the revolution was shown in the documentary “I am Iran.” This 2011 documentary was written and directed by Majid Mahichi, who chronicles the life of Houshang Seyhoun. “I Am Iran” is a Canadian production filmed in Los Angeles and California. The making of the documentary “I am Iran” can be read as a continuation of the project of highlighting Iranianism against Islamism and is one of the examples of anti-Islamism in Houshang Seyhoun’s project.

This disreputable Baha’i architect died in Vancouver, Canada, in early June of the current year. After his death, Reza Pahlavi [sent] a message expressing his deepest regret over the death of the architect, a member of the perverse Baha’i sect. The anti-regime Persian language media also widely covered his death. In an interview with Maryam Seyhoun (Seyhoun’s daughter), Radio Farda spoke about the need to transfer his body to Iran and bury him in his hometown, and the Shargh chain’s newspaper, on behalf of Iranian intellectuals, announced that Seyhoun would be buried in Iran. Now, why did the foreign media and the son of the annihilated king defend Seyhoun so highly?