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[The excerpt below is from the section of the article that pertains to the Baha’i Faith]


[Newspaper:] Kayhan Havaei

[Date:] 2 Bahman 1370 - 22 January 1992


Western Support of Baha’i’s Public Activities in Iran’s Neighbouring Muslim Countries

Kayhan Havaei News Service 

25 Day [15 January]

The recent reports from the neighbouring Islamic countries indicate that movement and public activities of the Baha’is in these countries have increased and in the meeting with authorities, the leaders of this sect have called for their support of the Baha’i activities. 

The Daily Star newspaper of Dhaka, with regard [to this matter], has published a picture of the meeting of an Iranian Baha’i woman by the name of Dr. Hanna Shahidi with the minister of cultural affairs of Bangladesh. The footnote of the picture says, “A delegation from the Baha’i community of Bangladesh, led by Mrs. Hanna Shahidi, met with Jahan-Ara Bagum, the minister of cultural affairs, in her office.

It must be mentioned that the Bangladesh press, within the past few months, has increasingly highlighted the news of the activities of the Baha’is of this country.

Such activities have also been increasing in Pakistan and Turkey; recently, Erdal İnönü, the deputy prime minister of Turkey, in his meeting with Ehsan Karakelleh, the chairperson of the Baha’i community of Turkey, has pledged to solve the group’s difficulties.

The region’s informed sources believe that the Baha’is’ new activities and the support they receive for their public activities are new efforts by the adversaries of the Islamic Republic’s regime to combat the expansion and progress of the Islamic Revolution in the world. Currently, providing opportunity to the leaders of this sect to highlight Baha’ism has been set as the agenda of the enemies of Islam.